Wednesday, July 23, 2008

time thoughts

time equals the vectored momentum of the system's mass, originating the setting measure of its average orbital radius.

all existence must complete a circuit. "existence," as a term is defined by personal history.

that which you hear or read described is etched in your memory bank as very specific circuitry flowing through your body's nervous system and into the neural network at the current measure of time.

as mathematical precision increase along the atlas of orientable manifolds, the number of division-ary calculations tends toward infinity.

infinity is a void maintaining all possible calculations.

calculations are either innate or reasoned.

all animals have the ability to react instantly as an innate calculation of unacceptable risk levels. although i cannot confirm the state of reason for all animals, i am certain that humans got a relatively heavy dose of calculated reason.

it does stand to reason then that time is thus a measure of some orientable manifold's momentum about some defined radius oscillation cross-vectored in the neural network against the same orbital momentum calculation of another orientable manifold.